June 3, 2010

WFDY on the tension in the Korean Peninsula

The World Federation of Democratic Youth is deeply concerned with the tension created in Korean Peninsula following the sad incident of sinking South Korean warship leaving 46 sailors dead on board.The tension is heightened as South Korea accused for the Torpedo attack from DPR Korea is responsible for the cause; however the DPR Korea has outright denied so. It is noteworthy to mention the investigation is unilaterally carried out denying the request to receive investigation team to help to investigate from the first hand information. The allegation to DPRK is not based up on scientific evidences and fabricated after a long time of incident is to isolate its fellow country by the ultra-right and conservative government of south.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth supports the idea to carry out independent investigation with the involvement of both counter parts. In this regards the environment of investigation will be more conducive by the facilitation of their immediate neighbors or those parties already involved to mediate the Korean crisis. We appeal to concerned parties to maintain restraint and allow mediating dialogue to find the way out of this tension.

WFDY always supports the idea of regional stability and peace in the region that is free from any imperialist occupation and war. Thereby, we reject any solution or rhetoric that aims the idea of any sort of revenge or hate, and we highlight how some sectors of the south Korea are making use of this event to take advantage in the coming elections to be disputed soon in that territory.

WFDY has been supporting from very beginning the peaceful re-unification of Korean Peninsula and lasting peace in the region.

WFDT recognize DPRK policy to realize the denuclearization of the peninsula and protect the stability and peace of the region but not allowing any slightest act to infringe upon its sovereignty and right to existence. WFDY denounces the interfering and aggressive role of the US imperialism and its allies in Korean Peninsula to divide its people. We make clear our position against any intention to isolate DPR Korea politically and economically by imposing any kinds of sanctions.

We urge all the member and friendly organization of WFDY and global youth to stand by the WFDY position and support for the cause of peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula and regional stability without any imperialist infringe.

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