June 26, 2010


22 June 2010

The Young Communist League in the Province of Mpumalanga met at its scheduled meetings of the Provincial Working Committee and Provincial Executive Committee from the 18th to the 19th of June 2010 in the District of Gert Sibande in Badplaas.

These meetings have noted with sadness the deaths of the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela the young Zenani Mandela and one of the world’s renowned afro pop star musician, Busi Mhlongo who both passed on during the 2010 FIFA world cup tournament.

As part of the agenda for the meeting the PEC took stock to review the work of the organization entirely in the province and more particularly the implementation of the programme of action as adopted by our provincial Lekgotla in February this year which amongst other things included:

  1. The setting up of the Recruitment Teams in the branches in line with Operation Khula.
  1. Convening a Provincial Political School as mandated by the National Lekgotla.

Therefore the meeting satisfied itself that there is progress regarding the Organizational Work in the Province and further recommitted itself to the implementation of our Programme of Action.

We also resolved to conduct a study in all Municipalities in the Province to assess the implementation of the National Youth Development Policy.

The Provincial Executive Committee resolved on intensifying its campaign and programmes to fight corruption and will support all measures by anybody or by any organization or government to do the same however;

We are also noting that it has become fashionable for the provincial government to put certain municipalities under administration and for mayors to suspend managers under the guise that they are fighting corruption whilst they are pursuing their own factional battles in the ANC structures.

We noted that section 106 of the Municipal Systems Act and section 139 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa are now used to settle political scores which seek to undermine the existence of the ANC and its alliance partners.

We further noted with a great concern that some municipalities on which section 106 has been imposed ,are administered by none governmental officials therefore we feel that such appointments have potential of corruption since those individuals or consultants appointed are not accounting to any structure instead account to their friends.

Therefore firstly, we urge this tendency to come to an end as a sense of urgency. Secondly, it is our view that the powers and intervention of the provincial government on municipalities should not be used for narrow selfish ends.

Further that the meeting resolved on the improvement on alliance consultation on issues such as policy development, budgeting, state of the province address, cadre deployment in government and reconfiguration of the alliance partners during the 2011 local government elections be considered.

The Provincial Executive Committee has also noted the ongoing onslaught to the General Secretary of COSATU Comrade Zwelinzima Vavi as he raised issues that are in the public domain and which are also concern of the public in general.

What is interesting is the fact that the alleged misconduct in relation to comrade Vavi was him carrying out his mandate as a leader leading within COSATU, which consists of 2 million workers who have played a critical role in making sure that the ANC is in power today.

COSATU is an independent alliance partner guided by its own constitution which allows them to make and execute their own decisions independently and also remind those who are dreaming of charging Vavi that COSATU is not a sub-committee, or League, or a labour desk of another organization, but rather an equal, independent partner.

We call on our youth to support comrade Vavi as he always represents the views of the working class and the poor.

The meeting also noted some of the contradictions that often arise amongst YCLSA members across all structures as a result of our dual membership and multi-membership with other sister organizations and therefore resolved that as part of our political education work, an emphasis should be made to our members that being in the YCLSA is a conviction and goes beyond one being just a member.

In conclusion as a province we are noting new reactionary tendencies and infiltration of anti revolutionary forces into our structures.

We also have noted the covert but now open onslaught and malicious attacks which are targeted on certain leaders of YCLSA and more specifically the National Secretary Comrade Buti Manamela and therefore resolved as follows;

The province of Mpumalanga reaffirms its unwavering support to all National Committee Members.

In light of the forthcoming national congress in December later this year the PEC believes that our National Secretary Comrade Buti Manamela is as relevant and even more relevant today as he was elected in 2003 when the organization was re established in the country after many years since it was forced into exile by the colonial apartheid regime.

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