May 31, 2010

Urgent Palestine Solidarity Action

From Boycott Israeli Apartheid:

Write letters to Canadian party leaders to condem Gaza raid
Addresses at end of letter

Sample letter #1:
Subject: Arrest Netanyhau for War Crimes

Mr. Prime Minister

The Conservative Canadian government is today welcoming the Israeli Prime Minister who just added to his war crimes an unprovoked attack on unarmed humanitarians in international waters. Humanitarians who only sought to provide aid to those suffering from the 3 year illegal siege of Gaza.

The Free Gaza flotilla had over 700 humanitarians from many different nations, including European members of Parliament and a Nobel Laureate and 10 tons of relief goods. In an act of piracy, the ships have been hijacked in international waters. At least ten people have been killed and many more injured. This was not a confrontation but a massacre. Operation Cast Lead massacred over 1400 Gazans, primarily civilians. The Israeli army specializes in disproportionate responses and major victories against unarmed or lightly armed people.

This attack highlights the fact that Israel is a rogue nation, not a democracy but an apartheid State. It has ignored dozens of UN resolutions, continued to build settlements on Palestinian land and maintains its illegal siege and attacks against Palestinians. Your government, as Israels best friend and supporter, is complicit in this continuing barbarity.

Netanyhau should be arrested for war crimes not feted.


Sample letter #2:

Subject: Canada must denounce Israel's aggression against international peace activists

Israel has attacked a humanitarian aid convoy in international waters in act of state piracy. Israeli commandos have killed 19 humanitarian volunteers and wounded dozens more, according to Israeli television reports.

The humanitarian aid flotilla was carrying over 700 human rights volunteers including Canadian citizens and dozens of parliamentarians from around the world.

Canada and Canadian political leaders must denounce Israel's outrageous act of aggression and it's blatant violation of international law.The French foreign minister has said he was "deeply shocked" and "nothing can justify" Israel's actions which Spanish government has also called "unacceptable." The government of Turkey has said "by targeting civilians, Israel has once again shown its disregard for human life and peaceful initiatives," and called the attack "a fragrant breach of international law."

When will Canada stand up for international law and end Israel's impunity?




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