March 5, 2010

Israeli Apartheid Week grows and so does pressure to ban it: UofManitoba

above: a graphic calling for pressure in the
form of a BDS campaign.

Try as politicians might (see post below), it seems that Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW for short) is growing. IAW is held in more places with each year. This is the first year the events denouncing the system of Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians is held on the University of Manitoba campus. The event runs March 8-12th.

[link to the Winnipeg week here.]

Already pressure is being put on university officials to stop the events. Two news report links: 1 2

The People's Voice newspaper reports even more disturbing going ons in the halls of power. New laws being dreamed up, if enacted by the Harper Conservatives, may make events such as IAW criminal and outlaw criticism in Canada. [link here].

the central website of the sixth annual Israeli Apartheid Week can be found here.

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