January 2, 2010

(UPDATE! jan 18th) Web review: Jan/2010

the web and blogosphere highlights column

Not too much this month, but this post will slowly expand as the month progresses. so check in once in awhile.


Shorpy.com is a photo blog that posts old photographs, usually by commercial stock photo outfits that have since gone public domain. There are many of Lewis Hine's famous child labour photo essay images posted.
link here


The Link, one of two student newspapers at Concordia University, has published an anti-CFS newspiece . The comments below it are of interest and the issue of who pulled the fire alarm and when is hotly debated. The People's Voice report on these events are in the above post.

another article "CFS supporters strike back" is linked here.


The Manchester Guardian has an article in its music section saying that Thom Yorke ( of Radiohead ) was "disgusted" at what happened at the Copenhagen Eco-conference.
link here

The Blog of the Free has an interesting repost of an article dealing with how police used overblown tactics too stop the free party movement of raves in the early 1990s.


Rabble.ca has a few very interesting pod casts dealing with the olympics and repression. One of which is from CO-OP radio's Redeye program dealing with an activist who was arrested at the border.
link here

CKUW's people of interest program is covering the criticisms of the olympic games effect on the marginalized as well. listen to the December 28 show. you can fast forward to the 8min 30 sec mark. this link is only good for a few weeks.
link here

Democracy Now! also discussed the politicised border agents.
link here



Meanwhile death squads have killed many activists on the left. Among them, 19 LGBT activists.
read here (in Spanish from ARGENPRESS.info blog)

REPORTS OF AFGHAN CHILDREN EXECUTED BY US-LED FORCES. This report begs the question of the situation in Afghanistan and Canada's role there. The suspension of parliament really is at a very interesting time.

more news to come...

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