October 24, 2009

National Secretary of the YCLSA, Cde.Buti Manamela completes Limpopo Three Campus Election Tour

21 October 2009

Talks about Free Education, Kader Asmal, UFS, Caster Semenya and Alberto Santana

The Young Communist League of South Africa’s National Secretary, Buti Manamela, last night completed the Three Campus Election Tour in Limpopo (visiting University of Limpopo (Turfloop), University of Venda and the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT- Polokwane) where the Progressive Youth Alliance (comprising of the ANC Youth League, South African Students Congress(SASCO) and the YCLSA) are confident of an overwhelming victory.

The Election Trail attracted more than 6000 students combined from all the three campuses.

Free Education

In his message, Manamela emphasised the need for free education at universities and called on the NSFAS Review Committee to complete its work urgently. Manamela called on the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Blade Nzimande, to introduce a national funding model that should result in regulating the cost of Higher Education and guide universities when they increase their tuition fees. If these universities are not stopped from insane fee increases, we will declare a Campus on Fire next year until all students are admitted, he said.

On Kader Asmal

“The best thing that we will remember Kader Asmal for is that he closed black universities under a cosmetic integration process, and today, black youth and students are worse off than before the merger. Today he wants to teach us about political literacy, when he is effectively responsible for the academic genocide we are witnessing” Manamela said

On Free education

If we build a R35bn train; or buy guns worth R35bn; or even better, we build expensive stadiums for other nations to come and win the world cup here because our national soccer team is terrible, then we can afford to educate every child for free. True liberation can only come through the education of youth of our country”

He also said that if there is overcrowding in schools and universities then those doors get closed, and the youth almost always choose any other door that is open and sometimes that door is a prison cell. We have to give the youth opportunities so that they do not flirt with crime.

Manamela called on students at universities to ensure that when the state provides free education, they have the responsibility of passing and giving way to the next generation to have access.

“We must discourage lifelong learning where people repeat every year of their degree. If you are on campus for five years, we expect you to be doing a Masters Degree, not your second year of a junior degree. This is more so important for the leaders we elect into the SRC”

He also said that students have a responsibility to uplift their communities through the education they acquire. It will be communities and the tax payer who will be paying our free education; we must pay it back through community service and working for government.

Upliftment of black universities

The YCLSA’s message also reiterated the need for improvement of facilities of ‘black universities’. Manamela said that as part of the demand for free education; students should be studying in clean campuses, with computers, well equipped libraries and better accommodation. He said that “if that applies in Stellenbosch, it must also happen in the University of Venda. Why is the raping and killing of students regarded as normal in ‘black universities’, and when a white student in ‘white universities’ is victimised, all resources are deployed to ensure their safety and security.

“Kosvies Four”-UFS

He called on Prof. Jonathan Jansen to reverse his decision of not disciplining the Kosvie Four who last year forced black workers to drink their urine.

“This is a travesty of justice. Reconciliation ended with Bishop Tutu, and anybody committing acts of racism should be prosecuted by the NPA and the Human Rights Commission as a lesson that racism is barbaric and backward. Those who see universities as training grounds for them to become future AWB leaders must be shown the jail cell. “Reconciliation se voet”! Prof. Jansen should send a message to those who still behave like they stay in a cage that he will not tolerate such, and giving an olive branch to the Klu Klux Klan cannot be that lesson” said Manamela

Manamela also said that the YCL will blockade the University and stop the racist students from re-entering the university and render that university ungovernable”

Caster Semenya

Manamela called on the students to support Caster Semenya. “The most practical support is to ensure that we build sporting facilities in every township so that we give more and more young people an opportunity. Why are there more shebeens than there are sports ground in our townships? Every school and university that we build must have a sports facility as a rule in order for the youth to realise their potential, he said.

Manamela called on companies such as SAB Miller, Vodacom, Standard Bank and the private sector in general to support grass-root sports as the millions of profits that they rake in are from the townships. He said that the private sector has an important role to play in uplifting our communities and investing in sports. “They must give us a lifeline and a way out from the misery of poverty and crime”

Santana should have gone years ago

Manamela applauded the decision of SAFA to dismiss Santana and called for an urgent, sober and South African coach. But he equally said that the coach was just a tip of the iceberg of the problems facing our soccer, and that it is unacceptable that each time we hear of strikers in soccer, it is when the players are demanding more money. “They must also strike in the soccer field”

Election Dates

The University of the North and University of Venda will vote on Thursday, whilst TUT will vote next week. Manamela was upbeat, saying that the PYA will bury the little puppies of AZAPO, PAC, DA and others as the bigger ANC led alliance buried their seniors in the general elections on April 22. On Friday, the PYA will host a rally in Soshanguve where Manamela will be speaking

Issued by the YCLSA Head office

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