October 15, 2009

Cuban youth must rise to the occasion

The 9th Congress of the Union of Young Communists is convened
Agreement to release Julio Martínez Ramírez from his post as first secretary

Leticia Martínez Hernández

"THIS is a very important time for the youth, particularly for those activists in the vanguard of the Revolution. It is one of those moments, of which there have been so many throughout history, when young Cubans have to rise to the occasion," stated José Ramón Machado Ventura, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, at the 10th Plenum of the National Committee of the UJC.

During the meeting, where those present convened the 9th Congress of that organization for next April 3 and 4, Machado said that problems had to be confronted head on and it was up to the youth to take on greater responsibility.

Referring to the decisions that should be taken in the near future, he stated that young people have a fundamental role given that many of the changes will directly affect them and it is they who will carry them forward over the coming years.

We have to rely on the youth. More than just slogans, what we need is analysis, discussion, conviction and, above all, the personal example of the activist. Everything we are doing today is to guarantee the future of the Revolution, to make it last; improving our socialism, not distorting it, emphasized Machado.

He also said he believed that the youth event would be an opportune occasion to prepare for the 6th Party Congress, a moment in which – following profound debate with the whole population – decisions will be made and changes will take place for the good of our Revolutionary process. Machado reiterated the Party’s confidence in its young people, given that they have demonstrated their worth throughout history.

The 10th Plenum of the UJC National Committee agreed to release Julio Martínez Ramírez from his position as first secretary, a post he has held for more than a decade, and in his place appointed Liudmila Alamo who, to date, has been serving as the second secretary, a post which will now be taken up by Ernesto Luis Corvo Vizcaíno.

Participants at the plenum praised the work of "Julito" and spoke of his permanent disposition to help and courageously tackle the most difficult issues. They reflected on his humility and described him as "the well-known heart of our organization, to continue growing."

Translated by Granma International

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