September 22, 2009

latest on Honduras-snipers aiming into embassy

After Manuel Zelaya appeared in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, the country's capital, repression has intensified. This link below is to a blog that is dedicated to following coup events:

here's a few snippets:

...Members of the union of electrical workers of the National Electric Company (ENEE) called in to Radio Globo to announce that the Micheletti government intends to cut electricity in the entire country today...They've taken Channel 36 off the air that way...Radio Globo... is reporting that the
police and military has shot into the Brazilian Embassy...Sharpshooters are now being placed on top buildings in and around the Brazilian Embassy
...A friend who lives a couple of kilometers from the Brazilian embassy wrote at 4:30 this morning to report hearing gunshots: "We can hear gun shots and more from our house, about 2km from the Brazilian Embassy. There are hundreds injured. We can hear many gunshots." This as Martha Lorena Alvarado, of the de facto regime,denies that any shots were fired. Romeo Vasquez Velasquez said "we will maintain the order no matter what the cost. "

Another good blog that deals with various subjects including the coup in Honduras is Left Turn.

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