August 10, 2009

Best Before 2010

Legally Blind
Best Before 2010 EP

Legally Blind is an anti-Olympics, anti-capitalist punk rock band based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are described by their Myspace page as “three experienced Vancouver area musicians and one experienced three chord propagandist united to take the shine off the 2010 Winter Olympics…,” and “like the Communist Manifesto in Braille, through a used Boss distortion pedal.”

If that doesn’t make it clear enough for you, their message can be easily summed up in a couple of simple slogans “Fuck 2010” and “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land.”

In 2008, they released their first EP titled Best Before 2010. The EP contains four catchy tracks attacking the corporate five ring circus and the resulting war on the poor, environmental degradation, and police state. Dead Kennedys fans should check out “Vancouver Uber Alles,” for a modern local spin on a classic punk rock tune.
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