July 11, 2009

Web Review: Mark Fiore's cartoons

Around for a few years now, markfiore.com is a web site that hosts flash animations that have been highly critical of the war in Iraq, war on terrorism, war on drugs, neo-liberalism, social conservatism, and George W. Bush.

Unfortunately older videos have been taken off the site but many are topical in nature and have become dated.

Here are a few examples below.

above: Newly-Frugal guy is a neo-liberal bag of money who thinks social programs should be cut to benefit the rich.

above: odd simplification of the financal crisis involving frog and rabbits feet.

above: continuation of the frog rabbit foot crisis.

above: smarty bombsalot, about Israel's bombing of Lebanon and Gaza.

above commentary of the trying times of big corporate newspapers. For instance, National Post is reducing its publication schedule.

above: Doreen the Downer about capitalism's quest for higher productivity, profits and their effects on the food industry. Capitalism is bad for a typical cow named Doreen. The video also pokes fun at outbreaks of E. coli and Maple Leaf foods' recent listeria outbreak.

Clean Coal

The United States of Incarceration

snuggly the security bear about wiretapping
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  1. I've been watching this guy since his "Wall Street executive air" cartoon.

    He's pretty good.


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