July 27, 2009

Latest on Honduras and Colombia

As reported in Granma and the People's Weekly World online blog, the general strike continues to keep the economy dead in its tracks. Literally, as extensive roadblocks have stopped the flow of people and goods. The report says some police officers have joined the strike and that "Many people called Radio Globo, a radio station that is keeping its microphones open for the people, to report that they had been victims of repression by the army forces who attempted to halt their movement."

The Honduras armed forces have said that they will support the agreement being sought to return President Manuel Zelaya to Honduras, but with severe limits on his powers. This signals that the army is taking a somewhat moderate but still pro-establishment approach compared to Roberto Micheletti, who holds an extreme view of absolutely refusing to have Zelaya return. It's up to the people now. Here's hoping that the strike spreads.

Zelaya has set up camp on the Nicaragua border, this after crossing into Honduras twice over the past few days. Zelaya was the target of a coup d'etat after he tried to hold a referendum to gauge public opinion on changing the constitution to allow him to run a second time.

Meanwhile in Colombia, the Uribe government continued it's campaign of bloody repression. It bombed a FARC camp south of the country's capital. Any hope of peace is dismal while Alvaro Uribe is president. It should be noted that in Colombia Uribe is also planning to change the constitution in order for him to run for a third term in office. If anybody needs to be overthrown it's Uribe.

reports on the honduran regime's attempts to close down radio and free media outlets. Links.

from Indymedia newswire

Listen the transmission of Radio Liberada from some place of Honduras:

We encourage the national and international independent means groups to broadcast in your free radios or make a mirror of this transmission.

Mirrors: 1 2 3

More information in the Independent Media Center of Honduras Indymedia Honduras: http://chiapas.indymedia.org/honduras/

More information in Radio is the one of less:


Minute by minute by Kaos in the Network: http://www.kaosenlared.net/noticia/secuestrado-presidente-honduras-militares

Information and transmission by the Association of Radios and Participating Programs of El Salvador (HARPS): http://www.arpas.org.sv/

We know that they have been closing free media in Honduras. This morning (note: report is from late June) the Radio Progreso, one of the older communitarian radios of the continent has been closed by the military. Other communitarian radios have decided to protect their equipment.

The electrical energy, the telephone and the Internet have being interrupted by the coup participants trying to block the communications and make the informative censure.

And the situation worries to us in that the networks of communitarian radios of the Lenca town and the Garífuna town stay, as well as the free media: COMUN, Revistazo, the COFADEH and the rest of groups of the independent and communitarian media movement in Honduras.

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