December 29, 2008

Israeli massacre in Gaza: more than 300 dead and 1,000 injured

GAZA, December 28.— For the second consecutive day Israel has continued its bomb attacks on Gaza which have, to date, caused the deaths of 300 people and left more than 1,000 wounded. At the same time, it has announced that it is to mobilize troops as a prelude to a ground force operation.

On Sunday night, the Islamic University was bombed, as well as areas in the southern part of the city; and during the afternoon, Israeli F-16 fighter planes attacked the region of Rafah on the Egyptian border. Eyewitnesses charged the forces of bombing a warehouse containing medical supplies as well as a mosque close to Shifa Hospital.

 Israel is moving troops and tanks from the Golan Heights (an Israeli-occupied region of Syria since 1973) to the border with Gaza.

 On the West Bank, 20-year old Arafat Khawaja was died after being shot in the neck by Israeli soldiers while he was demonstrating against the Israeli attacks.

 While there has been international outrage over the Israeli offensive and calls for peace in the region, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni today announced that calls for a ceasefire would not be accepted, reported EFE.

 The UN Security Council has adopted a neutral position in the face of this massacre of the Palestinian people by the Israeli army, and confined itself to calling on both sides to halt the violence.

 Meanwhile, the Israeli cabinet has approved the call-up of 6,500 reservists to participate in attacks on the Palestinian people.

 Translated by Granma International

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