February 9, 2006

BC Student Walkout 2005

Report from BC Student Walkout 2005

In the midst of last years media blitz about ‘helpless youth’ during the teachers strike in BC, one story that curiously didn’t get much news time was the province-wide student walkout in support of teachers and for a quality education.

The October 3rd walkout, called for by the Red Star Club of the YCL, showed the myth that students are just helpless bystanders is a lie. Approximately half of BC’s high schools walked out during the day of protest, proving that students are willing to stand up to defend public education.

"We’re out here making a stand,” said Sofia, a grade 12 student from Collage Heights Secondary.

“Why should corporations get more money from tax cuts,” said another grade 12 student, Virginia, “when we get zero for fundraising. It’s stupid. We need money because education is a lot more important than Gordon Campbell and his big business buddies.”

Some schools in the Lower Mainland even held public mock funerals for the death of public education in the province.

Although the walk-out was downplayed by local media, local organizers call the event a success because student stood up for something they believed in.

“This was one of the most significant developments in organized student struggle by BC high school students we have seen in some time” said Jason Mann, YCL BC provincial secretary. “High school students have been hit hard by Gordon Campbell,” he added. “But the YCL is going to be there together with students. We’ve got to fight back.”

To see videos of picket lines set up by BC students visit: http://www.workingtv.com/studentreportonbctfstrike.html

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