July 3, 2019

Successful New Members School held in London in June

Group photo of the participants to the school
Newsflash by Rowan Morris - London 

The London club of the Young Communist League, for the first time since its formation in 2017, held their first school for new members on June 1st, 2019.Central Executive Committee member and co-chair of the Ontario Council Peter Miller attended and talked about the structure of the YCL and the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike. Club organizer Clara Sorrenti gave a presentation on YCL democratic centralism and YCL policy and procedure, and treasurer Mohammed presented on the history of our organization. Local activist Yeyatalunyuhe George (Six Nations, Oneida) talked about Indigenous sovereignty, environmental rights, and actions against national oppression. We had a wonderful lunch served to us by members of the London Vegan Foodbank, with special thanks to Cassidy Jordyn, LVFB founder and YCL Member.

After a break for lunch, Marie-France Arismendi of the Latin American Canadian Solidarity Association gave a presentation on the Bolivarian process and the Venezuelan resistance to imperialism. Anna Badillo, who has an International Peace Studies academic and researcher who lived and worked in Bethlehem, gave a presentation on Israeli apartheid and the BDS movement. After our presentations ended, we sang the Internationale and concluded. Our club has left this school feeling invigorated and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. We know that there is much work to do.

London Club Organiser talking about the YCL-LJC structures

Peter Miller introducing the history of the Winnipeg General Strike

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