June 10, 2019

The YCL-LJC Concludes a Successful Central School

By Clara Sorrenti 

From May 19-22nd, the Young Communist League held a successful Central Committee school in Toronto, Ontario attended by comrades from across the country.

This was an interesting time for the school to be held, as it coincided with the 39th Central Convention of the Communist Party of Canada. The 39th Central Convention celebrated the 98th anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada and elected a new central committee to continue forward with the work of building the Party and the struggle for Socialism.

The YCL Central School began the night after the convention ended, and included a motivational speech from YCL General Secretary Adrien Welsh as well as a presentation from YCL Toronto club organizer Ivan Byard on the history of the Young Communist League of Canada.

Throughout the school many topics were discussed. Building campaigns, building our clubs, building our press, building the student fightback, building strong movements for peace, solidarity, and the fight for living wages, etc. A special focus was put on the YCL-LJC's Declaration of Unity and Resistance, the organisation's actual programme.

On the last day of the school, Dave McKee, the new editor of People’s Voice taking over after the retirement of Kimball Carihou, gave an extremely informative lecture on the differences between Reform and Revolution, and how as revolutionaries it is our job to take part in mass movements and steer them towards class consciousness.

An important topic discussed during the school was the need to re-organize and build our press, because to strengthen our press means to strengthen our organisation. It is for this reason that the Central Committee of the YCL adopted the “1 article per month per club” challenge. Through their proposal, the idea is to integrate the work of the clubs across the country with the need for the formation of a strong Communist Youth press. A strong press allows us not only to inform on a given situation, it allows us to reinforce the links between the different YCL clubs across the country. It allows us to have strength in unity, and unity in action.

The motto of the Young Communist League is, “The Youth are the Future, The Future is Socialism!” and as we host these schools, teach our comrades about Communism and how to agitate, educate, and organize, we are teaching the youth the skills needed to build towards our Socialist future.

To quote Lenin’s speech Tasks of the Youth Leagues, “The Young Communist League must be a shock force, helping in every job and displaying initiative and enterprise. The League should be an organisation enabling any worker to see that it consists of people whose teachings he perhaps does not understand, and whose teachings he may not immediately believe, but from whose practical work and activity he can see that they are really people who are showing him the right road.”

Selected images from the school: 

Proud comrades in the street
Comrades presenting an aspect of the Declaration of Unity and Resistance

Talking about peace and anti-imperialism

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