February 3, 2016

Call-out for young worker horror stories

We often hear that our generation has it worse off than our parents. As the capitalist class continues to deepen their attack on the living and working standards of working people as a whole, the jobs available to young people in particular keep getting worse: part-time, non-union, precarious work, internships, or straight up unemployment are often the 'choices' we have.

But what does it look like at the ground level? Rebel Youth is calling on young workers to write about their experiences for the upcoming 20th issue of the print magazine.

Raise your voice, cause you’re not alone! In a recent, small-scale investigation blitz of employers by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, it was discovered that 3/4ers of employers were breaking already substandard labour laws.

Got horror stories like these?

  • Making ends meet on the minimum wage
  •  Bosses supporting sexism, racism, transphobia and homophobia in the workplace
  •  Unsafe working conditions
  •  Harassment from the boss/management
  • Wage/tip theft and other illegal boss activity
  • Unfair scheduling
  • Or anything else!

We are looking for stories between 200-700 words and are more than willing to publish stories anonymously. 

Please send your stories to rebelyouthmag@gmail.com. Deadline is Wednesday, February 17th for the print edition.

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