January 11, 2016

Rebel Youth's Best of 2015

Special to Rebel Youth

Throughout 2015 Rebel Youth was pleased to offer news and views from the Pan-Canadian youth and student movement from a socialist perspective. Here we present a list of the RY site’s favorite articles of the year in case you missed them!

The articles selected are a pretty good cross-section of the major political struggles that took place throughout the year. For international coverage they include analysis on the expanding imperialist war in the Middle East, the refugee crisis and the anti-imperialist youth movement’s response.

Taking up the number one spot, is a short article on Bill C-51. Rebel Youth was proud to be amongst the first to publish a condemnation of Bill C-51, the most significant attack on democratic rights in decades, which became a major struggle of 2015 as it promises to continue into 2016.

In late Winter of 2015 we published a print issue dedicated to the struggles of women against capitalist patriarchy, and two of the articles featured in that issue were among the most popular reads of 2015.

The Fall print issue of Rebel Youth was dedicated to the student movement across Canada, and one of the feature pieces, an interview with student activists at UBC was also read more than 2000 times online.

A historic election which resulted in the end of almost a decade of Conservative rule was probably the most important event of the year for Canada. Rebel Youth featured several articles on the fight against the Tories and on the role of young Communists in the election. The most popular among readers was the article analyzing the class nature of the new Liberal majority government.

Without further ado, here's the somewhat arbitrarily determined "best of" 2015:

By Brendan Campisi – Published Feb 2, 2015

“…CSIS was created to formally separate intelligence and policing. Granting police-like powers to CSIS, as this new legislation does, reverses this, but is also simply another instance in the long history of repression by the Canadian state. This history also shows that democratic rights were won through struggle. There is an immediate need to mobilize to block these dangerous changes.”

Special to RY – Published Aug 21, 2015

“It is up to young people themselves to organize and hit the streets during this election and after, in order to fight for a real future for our generation. Together we can put forward demands such as closing the Tar Sands, an end to Canada’s involvement in wars, jobs for youth, and an end to poverty and student debt.”

3. ¡REVOLUCIONARIAS!: 10 Bios of Revolutionary Women

By Róisín Lyder – Published March 8, 2015

“'There was enthusiasm and a fighting spirit in the Dressmakers’ Union. Girls in their ‘teens, women past middle age, all enthusiastically worked together to build their union. It was truly theirs, for they were in on all deliberations…  recognized for the first time in their working lives as human beings who had a purpose in life and who were part of a great movement.' – Annie Buller"

4.  Refugee Crisis is a Crisis of Imperialism

By TJ Petrowski – Published Sept 17, 2015

"U.S. and Western imperialism is the root cause of the “refugee crisis”. Everyday men, women, and children are killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, U.S. and Western-backed militias in Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia, European and North American mining and oil conglomerates in Central and Western Africa, or are starved to death in Yemen by the U.S.-backed Arab blockade of the country.”

By Drew Garvie – Published Nov 5, 2015

The Trudeau government has been elected at a time of economic crisis globally, where capital internationally is on the offensive to drive down wages and living standards, spread imperialist war, and expand environmental destruction. Despite changes in style and rhetoric, there is every reason to believe that the Trudeau Liberals will continue down this path.”

Interview by Rozhin Emadi, with student activist Kelly Gerlings – Published Nov 9, 2015

“I think it showed the creativity and potential of young people who are engaged, with politics, with social media, with activism, with not letting the people in power get away with what they are getting away with.”

Special to RY – Published Nov 11, 2015

Another world is possible. The movements to build this world exist and are fighting as we can see now in Palestine with young rebels who reject Zionist colonization and are claiming their right to self-determination, or similarly in Western Sahara with those who are fighting daily against the military occupation of their country by Moroccan troops. Latin American countries at the last CELAC meeting designated their continent a "zone of peace", while countries such as Ecuador have gotten rid of foreign military bases…”

For every successful woman CEO, entrepreneur or capitalist there exists many others who face the continued exploitation and oppression necessary to create the luxuries that ‘successful’ women in capitalism can afford. Far from Kollontai’s description of IWD as a 'campaign for the political equality of women and the struggle for socialism'.  IWD, when co-opted by the right, becomes an important tool in maintaining capitalist hegemony.”

9.  After Charlie Hebdo: Real unity against violence means unity against imperialism

By Adrien Welsh – Published Jan 15, 2015

“While Islamophbia will increase dividing the people, this mobilization will be used, under the pretext of “freedom” and “security” as a way to increase the aggressiveness of French imperialism around the world, and to implement attacks on democratic rights and civil liberties. On a political level the results will be the assimilation of any opposition to the government and the funneling of support towards the national union of butchers governing the French people, and towards the ultra-right.”

By Drew Garvie – Published May 12, 2015

“Through meetings with Cuban organizations, government officials, economists and everyday interactions, it became clear to the entire Brigade that Cuba is intent on preserving and updating its socialist system, without compromising any of their revolutionary principles.”

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