November 25, 2015

Lebanese, Turkish and French youth united in the struggle for peace

The following is a joint statement from young Communist organizations from Lebanon, France and Turkey on the recent attacks on civilians in each of their countries and their united struggle against imperialist war.

Ankara, Beirut, and Paris: Same pain, same responsibilities, same struggle

We, communist and progressive youth organization from Turkey, Lebanon and France declare the following:

We are all deeply affected and saddened by the bombing that struck our peoples and our youths. Our first thoughts are with the victims and their families. Terrorism is a deadly ideology that we shall fight against. The acts perpetrated in Ankara, Beirut and Paris has been committed by fascists.

The violence that is currently agitating the entire world was concentrated in the heart of those cities. The feeling of sadness and of dread is filling us. Crowed streets, peace meetings, the terraces of a bar, the immediate outskirts of a stadium and a concert hall should not constitute places where life vanishes. The fact that a lot of victims are young makes those events even sadder. 

Beside the violence and our solidarity we do not forget the responsibilities of the imperialist powers and their monopolies in the actual international situations. It is more true day after day that the imperialist are waging wars all over the planet, especially in the Middle East, and that the ones paying the bloody bill are always the people.

Indeed the situation that we are living in our countries cannot and should not be separated from the recent history of interventions, destabilisations, and occupations in the region, whether it be the occupation of Palestine, the wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan...

Bombings, military interventions, and political interference will never be a just and efficient answer to the situations of the peoples, neither will unprecedented and unjustified security mechanisms.

Against terrorism, against jihadist fascism, we fight together with all the youth of the world, all the youth that have been subject to attacks, for a just and lasting peace, the only solution for our future. Knowing that to put an end to false and manipulated ethnic and sectarian polarization and the opposition of the societies and imperialist interventions will be finally achieved through the leadership of the labouring classes and the fraternal struggle of the peoples. Only this way will we be able to build a political solution in the region based on the rights and the will of the peoples.

Communist Youth-Turkey
Workers Party Youth Turkey
Union of Democratic Youth of Lebanon
Communist Youth Movement of France

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