September 10, 2013

Protests grow against imperialist intervention in Syria

Drew Garvie,
Rebel Youth Magazine

Despite pro-war propaganda from the Harper government and a subservient corporate media, protests took place across Canada for the second weekend in a row with more than 10 cities participating on Sept 7th.

These photos are from Toronto where hundreds gathered despite bad weather.  The crowd met outside the US Consulate under the banner "Don't Attack Syria".

YCL Toronto against the US intervention

Although the Obama administration's propaganda seems to be running into credibility issues, continued actions are necessary to beat back the drums of war.  Now is the time to pick up some bristol board, call some friends, make a facebook event and hit the local MPs office or just a high traffic corner!

Also keep your eyes peeled for actions already organized in your area.  For example, if the bombing starts, Toronto plans on having a protest at 5pm outside the US Consulate, no matter which day.

We at Rebel Youth are always happy to post actions you are organizing!

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