July 8, 2013

By the Numbers: Retail jobs and the Canadian economy

Statistics via the United Food and Commercial Workers Union complements of www.revolutionizingretail.org

- Retail salesperson/clerk is the most common occupation in Canada.
- In 2010, the Canadian retail industry represented total consumer sales of $443.2 billion.
- Cashier is the second most common occupation for Canadian women.
- 1 in 8 Canadian workers is employed in retail/wholesale – about 2.7 million people.
- Across industrialized countries, retail workers constitute about 10% of the labour force.
- Wage earners of all ages work in retail. There is a relatively high proportion of young workers, yet 4 in 10 retail workers in Canada is over the age of 45.
- 2/3 of all workers in retail are women.
- Currently about 13% of retail workers in Canada and about 5% in the United States are unionized.

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