December 24, 2012

Tory youth stoop to new low

Special by Rebel Youth

The Campus Conservatives of Ontario have sunk to a new low.

On their website the Tories have launched a provocative graphic featuring an ape with the sign -- "Silly Tories, everything should be for free!" (a message from the Left).

Update: the Tory youth have dropped this graphic after our article exposed their shallow ad campaign.

This is, of course, mockery and provocation posing as satire. But it also has a nasty edge.

Despite trying to re-brand themselves as somehow 'alternative' or 'edgy' with the slogan join us and 'Go your own way,' the stereotype persists -- and has been taken as a truism on most campuses for decades -- that the Campus Cons have an elitist internal culture that basically reflects the racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-equity policies of their political party.

As if to confirm this, a quick glance at the Campus Conservatives facebook page (linked from their main site) shows a handful of smiling young supporters -- who could be described as mostly white and male.

But the Campus Conservatives, apparently not content to enjoy campus life through a succession of frat-boy toga parties and wine and cheese-ins at the President's office, have also launched a nasty and notorious attack on progressive student bodies over the past years.

Rebel Youth has reported (see here, here and here) that this attack includes the Canadian Federation of Students, Palestine solidarity committees, the Public Interest Research Groups, pro-choice groups, anti-racist campaigners, and many other progressive campus organizations -- who draw large numbers of students from racialized communities into their ranks, not only as members and supporters but also activists and leaders.

At best this image shows how contemptuously the Tories view their opposition.  At worse it promotes racist dehumanization.

History 101 will teach the Campus Cons how many times the ruling class has written off the working masses as stupid animals -- only to receive a sharp surprise when the People proved capable to toss them out and run the country.

Democratic-minded students are right to call-out these cheap, divisive and racist tricks -- and push back against the ideological attack launched by the Tories by taking on the claim that only a monkey would call for access to food, employment, housing, culture, education, peace, and democracy, as a right and not a commodity!

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