November 3, 2012

Salute to the Estelle

Rebel Youth reprints this editorial from People's Voice newspaper and sends our continued full support to the campaign to break the blockade on Gaza and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

     Canadians were relieved to hear that Jim Manly, the former Member of Parliament, had been released from an Israeli prison. We join with others in extending our thanks to all the passengers and crew of the Freedom Flotilla vessel Estelle, for their courageous action against the illegal blockade of Gaza.

     Details are gradually emerging about the brutal conduct of Israeli troops during their seizure of the vessel, which was bringing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. Israel's lie that the Estelle may have been bringing weapons to Gaza is utterly ludicrous; few boats have ever been subjected to such intense and public searches before sailing.

     Several passengers on the Estelle were members of parliament from Norway, Sweden, Greece and Spain. But no current Canadian MPs were on board, and none dared express support for the solidarity mission. This is sad but hardly surprising, since the Harper Tories and the corporate media immediately demonize any public figures who criticize the Israeli state's apartheid policies. One of the worst examples is the National Post's shameful slander of Gaza solidarity activists as "holocaust deniers." Such media could look at Canada's home-grown white supremacists for some real anti-Semitism; perhaps their reluctance stems from embarrassing links between these hate groups and ultra-right activists inside the Conservative Party.

     Fortunately, criticism of Israel's policies is stronger in other countries. As the Flotilla organizers said, "the Estelle's mission was successful in declaring to the world that Israel's blockade of Gaza is inhuman and illegal, and showing to the Palestinians in Gaza that our solidarity is relentless and we will come again." Very true, and the Harper Tories will not silence us here in Canada.

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