August 21, 2012

Appeal for solidarity from Sudan

On Wednesday evening the 4th of July 2012 the major opposition political parties which include the Umma Party and the SCP, have signed the political document entitled the "Democratic Alternative". The signing took place on the twenth day of the continuous mass demonstrations against the rule of Albashir regime. These peaceful demonstrations which engulfed the main cities and towns of the country are being met with the most cruel repressive measures, wide spread detention, terrible torture to those detained, denial of medical treatment and beatings. Despite all this the demonstrators continue to defy the security repression and fill the streets. Yesterday Khartoum University students took to the streets for the upteenth time.

The journalist, members of the Journalist democratic network, demonstrated in their hundreds in front of the UN human rights building, demanding an end to security harassment, intervention and respect of freedom of expression and release of detained journalists. It worth mentioning that the security forces have released two female Egyptian journalists and deported them back to Egypt.

Lawyers, in their hundreds, have picketed the ministry of Justice demanding the respect of the constitution, fair trials to the demonstrators, better and more humane conditions for those arrested including the right to see doctors and defence lawyers and release of all political prisoners and detainees. It is clear that the demonstrations which have started as protest against rising prices and the austerity measures, is gradually taking a different shape with new forces joining the protest movement and more political demands are coming to the fore. The slongan demanding the overthrow of the regime is the main demand of the people.

In response to the ongoing demonstrations and the growing struggles of the Sudanese people, the document on the "Democratic Alternative" was signed. The document calls for a transitional period during which the country is ruled under a special Constitutional Declaration, beginning with the establishment of national unity government and finishing with the organisation of fare, free and honest elections. Furthermore the document called for the separation of religion from the state, and prohibited the exploitation of religion for political purposes and it is use in the political struggle so as to foster stability and social peace. The document defined the tactics to overthrow the regime through strike, peaceful demonstrations, occupation, civil disobedience and people revolution.

The different political forces have agreed to continue the struggle till final victory, stressing that there is no way for talks with the regime.

The main challenge now is to transform the document into a people’s manifesto that can help to bring all opposition forces together in the final push against the regime. The Sudanese Communist Party, which have signed the document, wishes to stress that adherence to the document by those who have signed, and support by other forces who are waging fierce struggle in Darfur, Southern Kordufan and the Blue Nile, as well as international solidarity will all pave the way for an end to the present regime, the sufferings of our people and the establishment of a democratic Sudan.

Long live International Solidarity.

Victory for the Sudanese people

Secretariat of the CC of the SCP

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