April 24, 2012

Statement of solidarity from the World Federation of Democratic Youth to the struggle in Pakistan

The WFDY is the largest
international anti-imperialist
youth organization

The World Federation of Democratic Youth stands in solidarity with the Communist Party of Pakistan and the
anti-imperialist forces that fight for social  rights and against religious discrimination.

WFDY stands in solidarity against the fascist religious organization and their extreme brutal actions; we support equal treatment and equal rights for all Pakistan citizens, irrespective of their religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The Communist Party of Pakistan founded a progressive committee of left progressive political parties (SPCSindh Progressive Committee), which include WPP, CMKP, APP, JSM, LBP and some other left progressive regional parties, in order to combat forcefully for the rights of working class and raise joint voice and actions over series of other currently hot issues.

On 17 th of April, 2012 the SPC (Sindh Progressive Committee) organized a spectacular protest rally in
Hyderabad  Sindh  expressing solidarity with the victims of Hindu minority community in Sindh; on their plight
of daily kidnaps for high ransoms, brutal murders and their young girls kidnaps and then forceful conversions to
Islam as well demanding separation of religion from the affairs of state.

This rally was violently attacked by a gang of “Sunni Tehreek”, in which many of the peaceful protests and a
dozen of the police workers were sustained with very serious injuries.

The law enforcement authorities despite taking stern actions against the goons of Sunni Tehreek, resorted to
handcuff 40 of the victims of this brutal action, sending them to Jail, instead of providing hospitalization and
medical care, where they would be charged under the notorious blasphemy law, which means life imprisonment
or death penalty.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth supports the Communist Party of Pakistan, and the people of
Pakistan in their combat for the rights of working class and against the rise of religious extremism, intolerance
and Talibanisation, especially that  the  religious extremist movements use methods of intimidation, kidnapping
and assassination  of the progressive political activists.

WFDY offers its full solidarity with the right of the people of Pakistan to live securely, and the right of belief.
The separation of religion from the affairs of state is a must so that all beliefs and  religions are respected
without affecting the progress of the people and Pakistan.

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