April 18, 2012

Common Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the World Peace Council about the situation in Syria and the broader region of Middle East

No NATO war on Syria or Iran
The World Peace Council (WPC) and the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) express their serious concern about the growing imperialist aggressiveness in the region of Middle East and the new threats for peace with the plans of USA, NATO, EU and their regional allies to attack Syria, triggering and agitating at the same time civil war like situation inside the country.

Our two International Organisations salute the millions of peace loving people and youth of Syria and express our sincere solidarity to the genuine, peaceful, social protests and just demands for economic, social and political and democratic changes in the country, so that the Syrian people will be the masters of its fortunes, wealth and future.

Under no pretext do we accept any foreign political or military intervention in Syria, which is being currently planned by the USA, Israel and NATO hand in hand with Turkey and some Gulf monarchies, supposedly for the protection of civilian population and human rights. We denounce this hypocrisy and call upon humanity to oppose any repetition of the “Libya model”.

We underline that the sole and sovereign right to decide upon the future of Syria and its leadership is with the Syrian people, its workers, peasants, youth and women.

We condemn the imperialist plan for the “Great Middle East” which is aiming in the control of energy resources by the Multinational corporations and monopolies and seeking at spheres of influence in the region by the various imperialist forces.

WFDY and WPC (together with hundreds of our Member Organisations) opposed and fought against all recent imperialist aggressions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, as well as the Israeli criminal aggressions against Palestine and Lebanon. We express the wishes and desire of millions of people and youth worldwide by opposing vehemently imperialist threats and aggressions against Syria today or Iran tomorrow.

Likewise we express our clear position against the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine and demand the recognition of an independent State of Palestine, within the borders of July 4th,1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Sharing a long history of closed cooperation our two Organisations took the decision to combine our struggle worldwide with an International Solidarity Fact-Finding mission to Syria, in closed cooperation with our partners from the Youth and Students movement and the Peace Movement of Syria. Our mission to Syria will take place from April 21-26, 2012 and will be composed by international delegates of our Organisations from all continents.

Our joint initiative and mission will have the following goals:

  • To meet and discuss with Organisations of youth, students, trade unions and peace movement about the situation in Syria and their positions and aspirations
  • To denounce the imperialist threats and interference along with the manipulation of information by the big international corporate media
  • To express our sincere solidarity to the Syrian people and youth, who are struggling for their right to determine themselves their future and are defending their country against the imperialist plans in Syria

After the conclusion of the mission we shall publish and disseminate our reports and observation by all means available.

April 15, 2012

The Coordinating Council of WFDY

The Secretariat of WPC

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