July 10, 2011

Free the Tahrir! End the blockade of Gaza!

The Young Communist Leage of Canada expresses its total support for the Freedom Flotilla 2 to Gaza, and the Canadian Boat, Tahrir.

We are deeply concerned about recent news from Greece that the Greek authorities have commandeered the Tahrir and are holding it at a Greek port.

Efforts to stop the Flotilla have included diplomatic pressure and manipulation, economic blackmail, baseless and slanderous allegations, and sabotage. The lengths to which apartheid Israel and its allies are willing to go to stop the flotilla are a testament to its importance and effectiveness as a symbol of resistance to the inhumane, illegal blockade of Gaza.

Yet the Harper Conservative government is among the world most vociferous and unquestioning allies of Israeli aparteid. His ultra-reactionary government continues to seek to slander and criminalize those who criticize Israel as "terrorists" and "anti-semitic".

In reality it is the Israeli regime and its supporters, including, Harper and company, who are the true criminals and terrorists for their complicity in the genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people.

The YCL Canada demands the immediate release of the Tahrir and all activists who have been detained by the Greek authorities. We call for and end to all interference in the Flotilla.

We encourage all youth, students, and progressive Canadians to write letters, spread the word via social media, and organize or participate in actions aimed at freeing the Tahrir and condemning the complicity of the Harper Conservatives.

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