April 22, 2011

Message of salute to the Cuban people!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth, together with its members, friends and all the progressive youth of the world wishes to send our most sincere message of salute to the youth and people of Cuba, on the occasion of the first defeat of the Yankee imperialism in America, occured in the sands of the beach of Girón, together with proclamation of the socialist carácter of the Cuban Revolution - both to be celebrated in the framework of the of the VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party.Since the beginning that the American imperialism has kept a hostile policy against the revolutionary people of Cuba, which deserves our full condemnation. The blockade of more than 50 years and the organizing of terrorist actions from the USA have found a decent people that has known how to defeat them, just as 50 years ago in beach of Girón, and that today more than ever is showing the world that it is possible and necessary to defeat imperialism in all the world.

The Cuban Revolution prepares itself to celebrate the VI Congress of its Communist Party, from which we are sure will come reinforced in its progress of updating socialism, given the wide participation of the Cuban people, as unique protagonist of the solution of its problems; moreover, the protagonist role played by its youth, to whom this date is dedicated, is an example for all the progressive and anti-imperialist people fighting for a better world.

WFDY warmly salutes the VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, sure that it will be a success for the country and that it will mean the continuation of a socialist, decent, free and sovereign country. We call upon all the young people, our member and friendly organizations, to celebrate the coming April 16, 50th anniversary of the first defeat of the American imperialism in America, in all possible places, as way to condemn the unfair blockade against the glorious Cuban people and demanding the release of the Cuban Five Heroes unfairly detained in the American jails.

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