February 28, 2011

On the situation in Libya

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has watched the recent developments in and about Libya with deep concern and alarm.It is terrible for WFDY that the answer to the Libyan people demands and street demonstrations has been repression and, in many cases, death of the protestors.
This deserves from us our full condemnation as it is unacceptable and represents a violation of the basic rights of expression and freedom of association, inherent to all peoples of the world.

At the same time, it is for WFDY alarming that, under these circumstances, the imperialist powers (USA and EU) gathered in NATO have launched, through the dominating media, a campaign to justify an external intervention in that country, under the pretext of “defending the protestors’ rights.”

In this moment, it is important to underline that never NATO or any of its members cared when in Yemen or Bahrain (allies of the imperialist powers) brutally represses the protesters in those countries. Furthermore, it is a total hypocrisy that those same countries (particularly in EU) with high level relation with the government of Libya are now pretending to be historical enemies of Khadafi ruling of the country.

In this situation, WFDY calls for a peaceful understanding between all parts inside Libya and totally rejects any sort any sort of exterior interference, particularly, any sort of military intervention, as we believe that only the Libyan people is able to solve its own problems and an intervention from NATO or any military block could only mean death and stealing of resources, as happened in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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