February 2, 2011

On the developments in Middle East

The recent weeks have witnessed important developments in several countries in the Middle East region, mainly in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon. Those developments reflect the great will and capability of the peoples of those countries in their struggles for full independence, freedom and economic and social transformation.The first place was Tunisia were people went down into the streets since several weeks against the oppressive regime of the former - running away - president Bin Ali who controlled Tunisia by brute force since 24 years. The people could achieve their demand in ousting Bin Ali who ran away to Saudi Arabia. Now a new government was formed, but the people still refuse it and ask for deeper reforms. In this context WFDY supports the demands of the youth and people of Tunisia in their demands for reforming the constitution on democratic bases and the legalization of the opposition political parties, as well as their demands in suing the symbols of the former regime and forcing them out of the political life completely and to give back the fortunes they stole from the Tunisian people.

In Lebanon, the former government fell down after the resignation of 11 ministers out of it. This step led to the ousting of the US supported government and presented a shock for the imperialist forces trying to manipulate Lebanon. In this context, WFDY supports the rights of the Lebanese people in selecting their own government without foreign interventions. We also support the struggles of the Lebanese youth through the demonstrations that they organized for their economic rights against the high taxation system on the essential food and products and also on fuel.

Egypt today witnesses one of the most important times in its recent history, where hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating everyday against the regime, heroically overcoming the wave of repression that initially they were the target of, and demanding the resignation of the president Mubarak who rules Egypt since 30 years, and also for the resignation of the symbols of this corrupt regime. WFDY supports the demands of the Egyptian youth in reforming the system through constitutional amendments and reforms and also in their demands for higher wages and less taxes.

Egypt is a main political, economic and military force in the region that lies in the hands of US and Israeli intelligence and any real change will constitute a huge blow for the imperialist forces in the region.

WFDY supports progressive reforms in Egypt and in the region and calls the youth in the Middle East to unify their efforts and struggles through common actions for a better future full of democratic rights and economic and social transformations. WFDY full adopts the demand for the immediate resignation of President Mubarak as a sign of tyranny, oppressions and loyalty to imperialism in the region.

Finally, WFDY considers that these struggles are a proof and an inspiration for all the young people of the world that, even under the harshest conditions and the most brutal repression, it is possible to resist and to win!
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  1. These are the Changes which will be seen around many places in the world where Governments have ruled by force and kept the people down. I fully support such peoples wishing to be governed fairly. I just hope that these protests do not escalate into a bloodbath and my thoughts go out for peaceful outcomes to the anger that has festered for so long in Egypt and other places.


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