February 24, 2011

Canadian Peace Alliance Convention 2011

Canadian Peace Alliance Convention 2011
April, 29-May, 1

The Canadian Peace Alliance Convention will take place this April in Toronto. The Convention is a great opportunity for activists to get together, share strategies and plan our work to build the broadest and most effective peace movement in Canada.

Since we last met in 2008, the war in Afghanistan has deteriorated, Canada has extended its troop deployment and anti-war sentiment has grown. We have organized multiple speaking tours with international activists, notably Malalai Joya to tell Canadians the real story about life for the Afghan people. We have also watched as the Harper government has systematically tried to silence voices for peace and social justice in Canada. We have marched to end the siege of Gaza and in solidarity with the Tamil people and the Egyptian Revolution. We have developed a campaign to redirect military spending to human needs rather than war.

Each of these efforts requires more work to shape the political debates in Canada. Join us at the CPA convention to discuss next steps and to share your experiences building the peace movement.

» For member groups - Please note that Convention Resolutions must be submitted to the CPA office at cpa@web.ca by March 10, 2011

Find us on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=2695765401

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