December 29, 2010

Common Questions pamphlet released

The YCL BC Committee has recently published a 42 page pamphlet entitled Common Questions Asked by Youth About Communism.

Common Questions Asked by Youth About Communism strives to answer the most frequently asked inquiries of young people about the ideas and policies of communism. It also discusses the YCL, what it is, why it is important, and why progressive youth should consider joining.

Topics covered include:

- What is Communism?
- Myths about Communism?
- What is capitalism and how do we beat it?
- Does Socialism Work?
- Socialism in Canada
- Communists, the NDP, and Reforms
- The YCL
- Why Join the YCL?

It also includes the YCL's programmatic document, the Declaration of Unity and Resistance.

Common Questions can be obtained here for $10 per printed copy or $5 per ebook download. All income from the sale of Common Questions returns to the YCL to help fund our campaigns and activities.

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