December 7, 2010

G20: One protesters story of abuse


A historic 1,000 protesters were arrested at the Toronto G20 demonstrations, despite the majority of protest at the G20 demonstration in Toronto being peaceful.

"This is my statement about my illegal arrest, the police brutality and my illegal detention, Saturday June 26th-27th."


At 7:30pm on Saturday June 26th I was in Queen's Park, the designated "legal protest zone." I was chanting along with other protesters when hundreds of riot police suddenly stormed the group." After watching the beat my friend unconscious, I ran from the line of police. I was tackled into a bush by several officers. I said repeatedly; "I am not resisting!" As I was being carried away, a female officer hit me in the face and said "Shut up you commie cunt."

At one point a male officer pushed my head into the pavement with his boot. He leaned down and said to me "It's ok bitch. We are taking you to a place with NO cameras."


The police put me on the ground behind the police line, to hide the excessive force they were using. Three or five officers pushed on top of me, restraining me. I was lying face down on the pavement, still yelling "I am not resisting" and "you are hurting me".

After staying in this position for 45 minutes, I was searched. They asked me why I was there and what organization I was with. I refused to answer so my arms were pulled behind my back until I was screaming in pain. The officers laughed at me and continued verbally abusing me. They searched my bag and found my BC drivers license. This abuse resulted in lacerations on my right cheek, severe pain in my abdomen and chest area, bruising on my wrists, arms, ankles, right shoulder, and head.


When I was taken off the ground, I was taken to a holding truck, then to a prisoner holding bus with other protesters. I was then taken to the holding cells at the film studios at Pape an Eastern. It was 8:45pm. I was placed in a cell with 14 other female prisoners for 3 hours, and then moved. I was very vocal about my needs for water, food, and a phone call, but all questions were ignored. The officers in the detention center were verbally abusive, calling us "anarchists" and "rioters." After 8 hours I was strip searched and put into a cell with one other female prisoner.


My needs for food, water, and a phone call were ignored and also repeated requests for a sweater (the cells were heavily air conditioned) and toilet paper. When water was finally given it was just a tiny Styrofoam cup full. I told the officers that I'm vegan and I'm extremely allergic to dairy products. When food finally did arrive, I got a white bun with butter and cheese. They did not understand, or care that I could have an allergic reaction and vomit or convulse. Therefore I did not eat for 20 hours.

At 11:00pm I was fingerprinted and photographed. I was told I was being charged with "Obstruction of an Officer" and "Unlawful protesting/gathering". After 13 hours I was given access to a phone in order to call legal representation but I was watched, listened to and ordered to hurry up. I was transferred to various cells around the detention center. One cell was covered in pepper spray. It got all over my hands, feet, and clothing.


At 2:00pm Sunday June 27th I was taken to the provincial court in Etobicoke. I was held in a cell with 10 other prisoners. Again, I was verbally abused and my needs were ignored. I became physically ill and began shaking due to low blood sugar and dehydration. I ate one of the buns they gave us because of my physical condition. The bun had butter on it. I don't know if it was dairy, but I had stomach cramps. I met with a lawyer there after being detained for an unknown amount of time.

When I went into my bail hearing, my place of residence was wrong. The cort did not know that I was paying rent in Toronto. After explaining I was a resident of Toronto, I was finally released on bail. I was barred from participating in any protest or gathering of people, entering downtown, and could not leave Toronto.


Emotionally, this whole ordeal was terrifying. The way I was treated by the arresting officers, and the officers in the detention center, was appalling. I felt unsafe and scared the whole time. The words that were used when I was being ordered around were demeaning and patronizing. This was a complete and total violation of my rights as a human.
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  1. If you are as frustrated as I am about the abuse of powers of police during the G20 (especially the fact that Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair is still in power after admittedly lying to citizens about their civil rights resulting in individuals being unlawfully searched and detained), then follow this link for contact information for the City of Toronto (mayor and council) and a sample letter asking for the dismissal of Police Chief Blair:



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