November 5, 2010

YCL BC on Gordon Campbell resignation

November 4, 2010

The Young Communist League celebrates today alongside our fellow British Columbians. The resignation of Gordon Campbell, anti-worker, anti-youth Premier, has been a long and hard fought campaign of many. For the exiting Campbell we say, "Good riddance".

Working people in British Columbia may have one less corporate lackey in the Legislature, but the fight continues. The BC Liberal government supported Campbell on each and every draconian labour law to come to the legislature in nearly a decade. Within the government there are those equally committed to advancing the interests of the capitalist class as Campbell was - this cannot be tolerated. Now is the time to increase political activity and block the development of the BC Liberal agenda.

British Columbians shouldn't have to wait for a year to abolish the HST. We say the people have already spoken, abolish the HST now! Youth need increased wages, reduced tuition, and better access to education immediately. The YCL calls for the immediate in-statement of a 16$ minimum wage indexed to inflation. Cost for post-secondary education must be halved including tuition, books, dormitories and rent, and food. Grants must take the place of loans, and all student debt must be cleared. Anti-environment schemes like "run of the river" private power must be canceled.

Simply because Gordon Campbell has left office does not mean that the BC Liberal government will abandon its destructive neo-liberal principles. A new Premier with similar goals and politics is certain to replace him as long as the Liberal Party remains in power. Waiting for the next round of elections to take action will mean the continuation of Campbell's hated policies in the interim. The fight must be in the streets to make the changes necessary, British Columbians must vote with their feet!

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