May 29, 2010

Solidarity with Polish communists!

Statement of World Federation of Democratic Youth (

Following the recent events and laws approved in Poland, from June 8 on the communist symbols will be forbidden in the country. This act, covered and supported by the so self-proclaimed “democratic” European Union, represents an attack to the communist forces of Poland and of the whole world, but also to all those who are true lovers of peace, democratic liberties and rights.WFDY reminds everyone that decision was taken last year, as the president of USA and the remaining NATO members were agreeing on sending 30.000 troops more to continue the occupation of Afghanistan. As a dark coincidence, the decision is being implemented now, as USA is implementing military disposals throughout the lands of Poland to “prevent” any military action coming from East, i.e. Russia.

Once again, as in the wars and occupations of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, imperialism uses “democracy” and “prevention” to impose its domination suffocating all those who resist against its dominant voice.

Furthermore, in times where the historical limits of the capitalist system are so clear as in the framework of this international crisis, it is necessary for the dominant forces to smash all sources of protest and, specially, all forces that can present an alternative to this inhuman and irrational order in which we live.

WFDY considers this a matter of much more than just
the communist forces. For their revolutionary project communists may be the first to be attacked, but after them surely all others who aim to raise their voices against dominance will be smashed. This means that to stand by the Polish communists in this battle is much more than fighting back the prohibition of some symbols, but it is in fact an act of struggle for true democracy and right to an alternative.

Therefore, WFDY calls upon all its member and friend organizations, as well as the partners of the coming 17th World Festival of the Youth and Students, to vehemently protest against this measures in a week of actions from 8 to 15 of June, demanding from their national governments and the government of Poland concrete action to take back all this measures.

The banning of the Union of the Communist Youth of Czech Republic (KSM) was not successful due to the struggle of the Czech youth alongside with thousands of people all around the world, proving it is upon us and our struggle and solidarity to rise to the challenge and fight back: we will defeat imperialism!

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