March 20, 2010

Letter to NDP: quit so-called Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism

March 18, 2010

The Honourable Jack Layton

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Jack,

We understand that the Israel lobby groups, such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canada Israel Committee, the Canadian Council on Israel and Jewish Advocacy, and B’nai Brith, are leaning on the NDP to switch political loyalties from the Canadian people to the Israeli government. They are pressuring the NDP to stay in the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (which is attempting to criminalize legitimate criticism of Israel). The CIC is demanding you admonish Libby Davis who spoke out against the Conservative’s anti-civil liberty motion to denounce Israeli Apartheid Week.

These organizations are not allies of the NDP, and will never share your values and principles of social justice and fair play.

You may be tempted to obey them to “avoid trouble”. Don’t. Like criminal, shake-down thugs demanding protection money, once you cave in, they will keep demanding you pay them “or else.” It can never be mutually beneficial, because the
Israel lobby’s objective is to either control your position on Israel or to discredit and undermine the NDP.

Last week, Israel had no problem slapping the face of their closest friend, the U.S., by announcing the construction of 1,600 illegal Jewish settlements in the heart of Palestine Jerusalem.

To their not-so-close friends, they’ll break arms. Last August, the leadership of the United Church thought they could buy peace with the CJC by obstructing a grassroots UC resolution to study and educate about the Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign. After a September National Post editorial blasted them, the UC leadership publicly apologized for supporting the human rights organization, Independent Jewish Voices. The UC thought they had paid enough “protection money”. But the CJC attacked them again in the most patronizing manner, demanding more obedience and concessions. The UC was battered by that experience.

Your continued participation in the CPCCA gives this neo-McCarthyist body legitimacy. The Bloc Quebecois quit the coalition because they recognized the political damage that being associated with such a right wing body could pose to them. The NDP must quit as well.

If the NDP sides with a right-wing political tendency that adamantly supports the Israeli government to thwart a peace settlement with Palestine and expand Jewish settlements in the heart of Palestinian territory, you will pay dearly in the long run. Your allies will abandon you as you sell-out your core values.

However, if you take a firm stand to remain loyal to your core principles and allies, you will find more than ample support to resist the bullying from the right-wing lobbies, and continue to be a vital democratic party. As Jews, we stand ready to support you when you do.


Independent Jewish Voices Canada

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  1. Many thanks for publishing this eloquent and extremely important letter.
    Marie McMeckan


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