March 14, 2010

All out to stop fascism in BC!

YCL BC Committee, March 2010

On March 21st, 1960, South African police opened fire on a peaceful demonstration against the apartheid pass law. Sixty nine protesters were killed. In 1966, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was established by the United Nations General Assembly and has been observed around the world ever since on March 21st.

This year, a white supremacist neo-nazi group calling itself “Advocates for White Civil Rights” will attempt to hijack this day for the purposes of purveying their racist ideology. For the first time in almost a decade, fascists will be marching in the lower mainland. The YCL BC calls attention to the dangerous precedent that may be set if this despicable display is not stopped resolutely. For example, in Calgary, another racist organization call the “Aryan Guard” has been responsible for hate demonstrations and even violence against anti-racist activists, Communist Party members, and its own former members. We call on youth and students to join in the counter-demonstration being organized against this affront to the rights and interests of the people of Canada, a multi-national, ethnically diverse country.

The YCL opposes all manifestations of racism, national chauvinism, and xenophobia. We recognize that these manifestations are part and parcel of the capitalist system which perpetuates and utilizes these and other divisions within the working class to maximize profits and maintain their class rule. We fight for a socialist Canada where these social ills can finally be eliminated once and for all. We also call for the following immediate reforms:

• A ban on racist, chauvinist, and xenophobic propaganda

• The enactment of legislation to outlaw neo-nazi, white supremacist and fascist organizations

• Ensure the enforcement of affirmative action programs in employment and education

• Provide employment for all, regardless of nationality or ethnicity

• Eliminate racist immigration and temporary foreign worker policies

• All government agencies and businesses which turn a blind eye to, or promote, discriminatory practices must be severely punished

This March 21st, the YCL BC remembers the many young Canadians who courageously fought against racism, national chauvinism, and fascism both here at home, and overseas in conflicts such as the Spanish Civil War and World War Two. We note the efforts of youth and students across Canada who campaigned for an end to the apartheid system in South Africa, and who fight today against Israeli apartheid and for freedom for the Palestinian people. It is clear that the struggle against racism and fascism has not yet been won and must go on. All out to stop racism and fascism! For unity of the working class, youth, and students, across all national and ethnic lines!

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