November 1, 2009

Video review-nuclear series 2

operation cue 1964 revision

Operation Teapot, was named "Operation Cue" for this film and most recently, elements of it were used in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Watch for the refrigerator.

A review of this short film points out that it was "... hilarious that the male narrator would ... narrate the piece, and the woman would come on with silly female asides as 'being a mother and a house wife, I was quite interested about the food tests". Along with stating that there is a "simultaneously calming and menacing tone of the film", reviews shows that this film is a product of cold war propaganda and a male dominated society of 1955.

They seemed well prepared for nuclear war, but how about Hurricane Katrina?

the house in the middle (1954)

This film is produced by the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association. This film's goal is to scare us into painting. And to buy more paint. How low can one go to sell a product?

Among reviews for this film include such quips as:

  • Just keep a clean, well painted house, and remember to put a newspaper over your head when under the table."
  • "If it takes an orderly house to survive a nuclear blast, looks like I'll be dead."
  • "I am thinking that if the white paint is good to protect the house, why don't I just pour a bucket of white paint over my head???... the answer to continuing life as we know it is in a Jones-Blair paint can!"
  • "An alternative title for this film might be "Dr Stangelove... Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Repainted My House Instead."
Bored and want to see other films related to this one ? An megaton of them exist at the prelinger archives.

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