November 5, 2009

A look back: Veterans of Future Wars

As you can read below, students in the 1930s started a movement called "Veterans of Future Wars". The goal of which was to raise awareness that they would almost certainly end up fighting a major war in the future, and therefore wanted advance payment while they were still alive to use it.

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Above: an except of the 1936 article is appropriate for remembrance day 2009,

- A handful of decrepit veterans are posing on Armistice Day before a hideous column of stone "dedicated to the sacred memory of those who died that we might live." We pass by on our way and stop to watch the ridiculous mimicry. suddenly we realize that it is this, that you and I in the event of another war, will be doing. this nincompoop, tin-soldier tomfoolery that is enough to make every victim of the last war turn over in his grave and cry aloud 'But this is not what our children were promised' This thing was to end. There was to be no more clashing of guns and sabres' 'Tis done forever'"

Below: a front page from the 1920s. A headline reads: Collegiate pupils are coerced into military training.

Another paper from the 1920s. This one reads: fight forces of war! abolish the cadets!

Sadly the predictions of the Future Veterans came true. This front page shows how Fascist Italy's invasion of Ethiopia was a sign of things to come.

In a few short years it became clear that Nazi Germany and fascism had to be stopped the hard way.

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