August 13, 2009

CD Review: Street Sweeper Social Club

Street Sweeper Social Club
Self Titled

Miss Rage Against the Machine? Well, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for a new studio album, but there’s something else you ought to pick up.

Street Sweeper Social Club was formed less than a year ago by Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Nightwatchman) and rapper Boots Riley of the legendary hip-hop group The Coup. Their first, self titled, album is probably the first album of its sub-genre worth listening to since the likes of Fred Durst hijacked it, turning it into a mere cash cow and discarding its progressive roots.

Although Morello’s guitar seems quite a bit more toned down and basic than in the days of Rage Against the Machine, this album is no less than brilliant. There is no filler here, no songs that suck, and thankfully no obnoxious guy in a red hat jumping around screaming about “doing it for the nookie.”

Instead there are 11 catchy tunes, each of which carries forward the revolutionary, anti-capitalist message of both Rage Against the Machine and The Coup. Morello has recently been quoted as describing the album as “revolutionary party jams,” which Boots has referred to it as “something to listen to while storming Wall Street.”

Favorite tracks include “Fight! Smash! Win!” “100 Little Curses,” “Promenade,” and “Nobody Moves (Till We Say Go).”

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