March 4, 2009

Video review-imperialism series 4-PsyOps and Venezuela

This is the final installment in our Imperialism series. Please note that some older web browsers and computers may not play these videos correctly.

Psychological Operations in Support of Internal Defense and Development Assistance Programs (Part II)

The narrator makes repression sound so cheerful!

In this film "national unity" is promoted by the army as a way to get subjects to accept a puppet government and to rationalize its attack on minority groups. Or in another way, "national unity" can be used to foster a new national identity to support a breakaway republic that is friendly to U.S. interests.

Assignment: Venezuela -1956

In this film, We see Venezuela through the eyes of Creole Oil, the logo of which looks much like an Esso/Exxon sign. American foreign workers are being sold on colonialism and sweet talked into moving for a new job in the oil patch of Venezuela. One phrase in the film says it all:
"the shop windows are filled with goods purchased from the United States." The sights of 1956 Venezuela are a bonus though. However, how the other half lives is not shown.

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