February 8, 2009

Video review-imperialism series 2-war industries

It's time again for the weekly video series of boring period films that will drill the concept of Imperialism into your heads.

Before the UE union was kicked out of the AFL-CIO during the red scare, it came out of the second world war swinging. History proves that the UE had it right. The CIO had a final attempt during operation dixie before it joined the AFL.

Here is a film it produced that explains Imperialism.

and part two click to watch:

There is some racism against Japan, due to the war. But the film shows the beginnings of the Military-Industrial complex long before Ike Eisenhower's farewell address. Those who have watched the movie "The Corporation" will see a similar tone between this film and the later documentary's "Fanta Orange, IBM, and Opel" segment.

The workings of huge banking interests like Morgan is explained. Very graphic, the $100 bills laid end to end is the best part! Today with parasitic capital so much more intense we need to see more of why capitalism is just rotten to the core. (capital that does not "work" in the sense of buying productivity but just skims off the cream while starving the economy. Witness the housing bubble in the U.S. ) Worth 30 minutes of your time. This movie predates "The Corporation" by 50 years. Of course Lenin's "Imperialism" pre-dates this film by a further 50 or so years.

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