December 28, 2008

Workers, Communist, Anit-imperialist and National Liberation Fronts on the war in Gaza

Progressive Democratic Tribute - Bahrain 

December 27, 2008

The Progressive Democratic Tribute of Bahrain expresses its strong disapproval of Bahrain to the Israeli aggression against the brotherly Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in a few hours after Israel had begun a horrific massacre claiming the lives of hundreds of dead and wounded.

This aggression is in the context of open war waged by the junta and military security in Israel against the Palestinian people, with the aim of liquidating their just cause of the right to self-determination and establishing their own independent and national sovereignty over the land.

Unfortunately, this barbaric aggression amid international silence is suspicious [...] Israeli's leaders announced that the massacre is only the beginning of a broad process that will continue, and this means that the Palestinian people in Gaza is at risk of liquidation[...] especially since the sites targeted by the enemy is located in the heart of densely populated areas.

The Democratic Tribute expresses warm fraternal solidarity with our brothers in Gaza, and calls to show all possible forms of advocacy in the face of brutal aggression, calling for an end to the case of the official Arab silence towards what is happening, and the use of all forms of pressure, including the mobilization of international position against the commission the massacres in Gaza.  

In this context, calls for the "progressive" government of Bahrain to carry out its humanitarian and national duty in this area, and the living embodiment of our people are angry for his brothers in the Gaza Strip from the massacres, and we urge the House to quickly move in that direction.

December 28, 2008

CP of India (Marxist)

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) has issued the following statement:

The savage and horrific wave of air strikes by the Israeli Government on the densely populated Gaza strip leading to the killing of over 200 Palestinians, one third of whom are reportedly women and children and causing severe injuries to hundreds more, once again exposes the state terrorism indulged in by Israel. This attack comes on top of the siege of Gaza by the Israeli armed forces. The Israeli government has been oblivious to all the calls for stopping its policies of colonial repression in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel is emboldened in its aggression by the backing it receives from the United States.

The United Nations, if it is to have any credibility at all, must immediately take all steps to halt the Israeli attacks and protect and defend the rights of the Palestinian people.

The CPI(M) demands that the Manmohan Singh Government come out strongly against the Israeli Government for this massacre. Its shameful policy of promoting security and military collaboration with the Israeli State even while Israel continues its occupation and war against the Palestinians will harm India’s image among the countries of West Asia and damage India’s own interests. The CPI(M) reiterates its demand that the Congress-led Government cease its security and military ties with Israel.

Demonstrate against the Israeli offensive - Finland
Communist Party of Finland

Israel's leadership has launched a massive bombardment of Gaza, the Palestinian region. The dead have so far been almost 300, of whom a large proportion of civilians.  Join in Helsinki on Monday, a demonstration against the Israeli attack, 29.12. at 17 Kiasmalta.

War crimes - Italian Communist Party

"The attacks against Gaza are war crimes. If there were an international community the government of Israel should immediately be brought in chains before the court of Justice of The Hague. Who does not report this obvious veriità is an accomplice of the massacre." said the head of the Communist Party's Foreign Dpt., Jacopo Venier.

"[..] To prevent the president of being an accomplice of the Israeli massacres in Gaza, do apply the Constitution and stop the military agreements with a government of war criminals. The UN can not be limited to appeals to the cease-fire but decides to send, as in Lebanon, an international force to defend the Palestinian people to stop the massacres. "

En español aquí 

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) emphatically condemns the continuing Israeli air strikes in Gaza, which have left hundreds dead and over a thousand wounded. The hundreds of Israeli air strikes have been carried out with a total disregard for the safety of civilians and institutions and are the latest phase in a campaign to blockade the economy of Gaza and deny the people access to basic necessities. Israel's disproportionate response to the resumption of the Hamas rocket firings into Israel after the six-month ceasefire agreement expired, dramatically underscored the Bush Administration's sidetracking of diplomatic efforts and negotiations. In fact, the US government has provided the basis for Israel's military action with continued military aid and supplies. 

The Communist Party of Israel has suggested that the current Israeli attacks are a demagogic move related to the current electoral campaign in that country, as well as perhaps being intended to present the incoming Obama administration with a fait accompli, making it more difficult for Obama to adopt a new approach to the Israel-Palestine issue. 

The CPUSA denounces the Bush administration for the verbal and material support it is now rendering to the Israeli aggression. We condemn all attacks on civilians whatever the cause or intention. We call on all peace-minded people in the U.S. to demand an end to the Israeli airstrikes, end threats of a ground assault into Palestine, along with an end to Hamas rocket attacks, and to call on the incoming Obama administration to make a radical change in US policy on the Israel-Palestine issue, and to pressure the Israeli government to return to honest negotiations toward a two-state solution.

On the Israeli attack against the Gaza Strip - Portugal
Saturday, 27 December 2008
Press Release from the Media Office of Portuguese Communist Party 

The Portuguese Communist Party condemns the massacre undertaken by the Israeli Air Force against the population of the Gaza Strip, whose number of victims ascended, in few hours, to around 200 dead and several hundred wounded.

This crime - undertaken as part of an escalation of violence, premeditated by Israel and sustained in the last weeks by several provocative actions, assassination of Palestinian activists and by the humanitarian blockade to Gaza - it is one more example of the continuous Israeli policy of state terrorism against the Palestinian people. If not stopped immediately, this crime can lead to dangerous consequences in the Middle East Region. 

PCP deplores the reactions of the so-called "international community" that, sustained on unacceptable positions of "equidistance" and "impartiality", once more abandon the Palestinian people to the mercy of the Zionist violence; objectively support the criminal policy of Israel and demonstrate the hypocrisy that characterizes the speeches on the "relaunch of the peace process in the Middle East".

Expressing its solidarity with the Palestinian people and its homage to the victims of Israel's bombing, PCP demands that the Portuguese Government energetically and unequivocally condemn the military attacks against the Palestinian territories and people and demand – from the Israeli authorities and the international organizations in which it participates – their immediate and unconditional end, as well as that of the criminal blockade on the Gaza Strip.

FMLN calls for respect for human rights and an end to hostilities in the Palestinian territory of Gaza - El Salvador

Joining the outcry of the international community, the FMLN demands put an immediate end to military escalation that is taking place against the Palestinian territory of Gaza, which has to date more than 270 people dead and around 900 wounded.

The peoples of Israel and Palestine have the right to live in peace in their own States and under secure borders. However, the reaction of the State of Israel with rocket attacks into its territory is clearly disproportionate and indiscriminate, as it is causing numerous victims among the civilian population of Gaza, in addition to the destruction of civilian facilities such as hospitals and homes, and important economic infrastructure. It also prevents access to humanitarian aid to assist the Palestinian civilian population. This constitutes a serious violation of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

The FMLN was in favor of an immediate halt to the bombing and all kinds of military actions against innocent civilians in Palestine and Israel. Should be restored urgently truce agreed 6 months ago as a basis to restart negotiations between all parties in this conflict, which eventually led to a firm and lasting peace for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.It also demanded the Government of El Salvador to rule immediately demanding an end to military actions and respect the rights of the civilian population.

Ministry of CommunicationsDecember 28, 2008.

Venezuela condems slaughter

"The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, on behalf of the Bolivarian Government and spokesman of the Venezuelan people, wants to express its deep outrage at the criminal attack which is the bombardment of Israel to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In this sense, the Bolivarian Government expresses its solidarity to the Palestinian people and raises its voice to the international community to undertake a massive campaign of condemnation of these heinous acts of violence, through which it seeks to destroy the life expectancy of a Village whole.

The only government in the world that has been complicit in this attack was the U.S. government, causing consternation to the statement of its spokesman, Gordon Jhondroe noting that for the end of violence in the region, must stop attacks on Israel. 

This action could well be the invariable "gold seal" of the criminal management outgoing government of the United States, an agonizing mandate, charged with violence and distinguished worldwide by repeated episodes of disrespect for human rights.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela urges governments who love peace and justice to raise their voice of protest against this aggression, and urged the United Nations to exercise its authority and implement the numerous resolutions taken on behalf of the Palestinian people and against the violence practiced by the state government of Israel, the only way to ensure lasting peace and an end to incidents like these, which are totally at odds with the United Nations Charter and other international norms."

PCV: "Government of Israel turns Gaza into a concentration camp" - Venezuela

"We denounce [what happened, with] blessing of the White House and on the complicity of the United Nations system, allowing the Zionist government of Israel to turn Gaza into a huge concentration camp, turning the Palestinian prison into the largest open-pit known in the world and tolerated by many countries of alleged human rights defenders," said Carolus Wimmer, Secretary of International Relations of the CPV and vice president of the Venezuelan group Parlatino, before the recent attacks by Israel against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

"With this genocidal action, Israel wants to close all doors for dialogue to a possible peaceful solution to the conflict. We must remember that it was the intransigence of Israel which has time and again prevented a peaceful solution, first with Arafat and the PLO, and now both Abu Abbas and with Hamas," said the secretary.

"It's outrageous inaction by governments of the international community that allow Israel the imposition of collective punishment and clearly prohibited by international law, while the war machine continues to operate without compassion occupation on the Palestinian civilian population" , he added.

"On behalf of PCV, we strongly condemn the attack illegal and genocidal government of Israel against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip as an act of state terrorism perpetrated by a defenseless civilian population with hundreds of deaths and more than thousand injured, "said the MP.

"The PCV andalusia calls Venezuelan government to consider the suspension of diplomatic and trade relations with Israel while their government does not respect human rights, international law, UN resolutions and the opinion of the International Tribunal in The which has condemned the Apartheid Wall, "the communist leader.

"We express our solidarity with the suffering of one and a half million people who remain imprisoned in Gaza, without allowing them to reach the humanitarian aid of food, water, medicines and energy supplies, with all that entails these shortcomings and we called the Venezuelan people so significant at this time, to show our condemnation of violence by Israel against the Palestinian people, "Wimmer ended.

Israeli Communist candidate for MP demands an end to military attack

"Compared with the madness of war and violence, must be heard a voice for real ceasefire, which includes the recognition of the elected by the Palestinians to the Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak" [said] Peter Goldfarb. 

Goldfarb (52) is Argentinan and in 1978 arrived at Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, whose fields border on the southern Gaza Strip. He is a research university and a parliamentary candidate in the list of the Communist Party of Israel. 

Goldfarb was interviewed by Shlomo Slutzky, the correspondent in Israel's Argentine newspaper "Clarin", the Spanish-language newspaper with the largest circulation in the world. 

"In the Argentina of the '70s I learned the phrase 'violence begets violence' and this is also true for our area." Goldfarb yesterday was to be one of the speakers at a demonstration by leftist groups in Tel Aviv against the Israeli attack in Gaza. But he could not reached because the missiles forced him to stay in the family shelter. 

Clarín was able to talk to after the Israeli attack.

"The adventure in Gaza, the area most densely populated in the world, is a tragedy that will lead to new tragedies. Tonight there will be 200 more Palestinian families seeking revenge, as the Israelis are now in the recent past living under the rein of missiles, " he said.

What would he have said if he had made his speech to the rally in Tel Aviv, the newspaper asked. "That compared with the madness of war and violence, must be heard a voice call for real ceasefire, which includes the recognition of the elected by the Palestinians and the opening of border crossings and the exchange of prisoners." There ended his testimony: he began to sound the siren and Goldfarb was again locked in the family shelter.

Britain's Communists demand action against Israeli aggression

Free PalestineThe Communist Party condemns the barbaric attack of the Israeli armed forces on largely defenceless police and residential areas of Gaza.

The callous slaughter of innocent Palestinian lives cannot be justified by mostly ineffectual and token missile attacks from Palestinian militias on Israeli territory.

These latter are the product of Israel's breach of the letter and spirit of the ceasfire brokered by Egypt, during which the Israeli government tightened its economic stranglehold on the Gazan population and continued to launch armed raids into Gaza in pursuit of Hamas leaders.This latest brutal assault on the people of Palestine confirms that the Israeli regime has no sincere intention of negotiating a lasting and just settlement with the elected representatives of the Palestinian nation.


The Communist Party therefore calls for mass demonstrations and mobilisations against Israeli aggression, and demands that the United Nations and individual states impose economic, political and military sanctions on the state of Israel until its government declares a commitment to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority on the basis of UN resolutions against illegal Zionist settlements and the theft of Palestinian land, and in favour of a sovereign Palestine based on its pre-1967 borders.

We also call upon the British and US governments to withdraw their support for Israeli imperialism and instead to exert pressure on the Israeli government to abide by international law.

All participate in the Protest Rally in Monday 29 December at 6 pm

The PB of the CC of KKE denounces in the most vehement way the new murderous raid of the Israeli imperialists that resulted in the massacre of hundreds of civilians among the Palestinians.

The PB denounces the US administrations, both the current as well as the Obama’s one, that assented to the murder. 

The PB of the CC of KKE calls the people of Attica region to participate in a protest rally against the Israeli criminals on Monday 29 at 6 pm. The assembly point for the rally is the War Museum and the march will proceed towards the US and Israeli embassies. 

All Party’s Organizations should undertake similar initiatives across Greece. The PB of the CC of KKE calls upon the mass movement to take up the issue immediately. 

China urges immediate stop of military operations in Gaza

China urges parties concerned to immediate stop the military operations in the Gaza Strip, and take effective measures to ease the tension, visiting Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said in Kuwait City Sunday. [...]

Li said China is shocked and serious concerned about the current military operations in Gaza which caused heavy casualties. 

He said the Middle East peace process has drawn worldwide attention, and the international community has put great efforts to solve the issue. However, the parties concerned used force to solve their differences and caused heavy civilian casualties. "This runs counter to the efforts made by the international community." 

The Chinese vice premier urged the two sides, Israel and the Palestinians, mainly Hamas, to resolve their differences through dialogue and realize peace and stability in the Middle East as early as possible. 

"China supports the efforts made by all parties, especially the Arab countries, to realize a comprehensive, just peace in the region," he said. 

Source: Xinhua

Assertion of rights to Palestinian people

Statement by 10th International Meeting of Communist and Worker's Parties

The 10th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties held in São Paulo, Brazil, between 21 to 23 November 2008, declaring full support for the struggle of the Palestinian people facing the occupation of their land in Israel, through an action perverse, considering that the right legal struggle of the Palestinian people, considering the occupation an act against international laws. This action is a threat to world peace, from that, the communist parties and workers say that is mentioned below:

1 - are part of the national rights of the Palestinian people of self-determination and to build their own independent state, calling an end to the occupation of Palestinian land in Israel, which began in 1967, including in Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, as the resolutions 242 and 338. We also support the law 194, which seeks the return of Palestinians who emigrated to other countries.

2 - Conclamar for the Palestinian political forces to merge into one, and urgent nature of the conduct of meetings between these forces.

3 - For the countries close to Palestine to unite in favor of liberalization of the Gaza Strip and fight division of cities and for them to return to the way they were from the start.

4 - Order the barriers being built by Israel to divide the towns occupied by them.Do not accept the plunder of Palestinian lands and condemn racism of the wall of division, that Israel is building on the occupied Palestinian territories and also reject the policy of settlements that turns the land into Arab Israeli. Taking into consideration that Israel implemented a policy against the resolutions of the governments and the international tribunal in The Hague.

5 - fully support the call of the Palestinian People's Party to form a committee of the communist parties and labor from all over the world so they can watch closely the resistance of the Palestinian people and control the international activities in this direction. This committee will send delegations to visit and solidarity and the occupied territories.

São Paulo, Nov. 23, 2008

Communist Party of Brazil 
South African Communist Party 
Communist Party of Germany 
Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism 
Workers Party of Belgium 
Communist Party of Bolivia 
Brazilian Communist Party 
Communist Party of Canada 
Communist Party of Chile 
Working People's Progressive Party - Akel 
Colombian Communist Party 
Communist Party of Denmark 
Communist Party in Denmark-Denmark 
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain 
Communist Party of Britain 
Communist Party of Greece 
Communist Party of Workers in Hungary 
Communist Party of India 
Tudeh Party of Iran 
Communist Party of Ireland 
Ireland's Labor Party 
Party of Italian Communists 
People's Revolutionary Party of Laos 
Socialist Party of Latvia 
Lebanese Communist Party 
Communist Party of Luxembourg 
Party of Communists of Mexico 
Communist Party of Nepal (UML) 
Communist Party of Norway 
Palestinian People's Party 
Communist Party of Pakistan 
Paraguayan Communist Party 
Communist Party of Peru - Patria Roja 
Peruvian Communist Party 
Portuguese Communist Party 
Communist Party of Russian Federation 
Workers Communist Party of Russia 
New Communist Party of Serbia (former Yugoslavia) 
Syrian Communist Party 
Communist Party of Sweden - SKP 
Partido Comunista da Turquia 
Ukraine's Union of Communists 
Communist Party of Uruguay 
Communist Party of Venezuela

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