December 28, 2008

Two Statements by the Palestinian People's Party

Stop genocide against our people in Gaza

Palestinian People's Party 

Israel began this afternoon yesterday a criminal war against our people in the Gaza Strip, which,  implementing its threats to prevent vandalism, [has flouted] all international norms and conventions. 

Israel today launched a real war of extermination against our brave and steadfast people, and [are excludin no one,] men and women, the elderly and children, amid [a] tight Zionist siege, cutting water, electricity, medicine and all aspects of human life.

We in the Palestinian People's Party, with the anger of all, deplore this open war; we call on the masses of our people in Gaza and the West Bank to stand united in the face of aggression; we call upon the regulations and the Arab peoples, both in advancing its voice against this ugly war and to work seriously to stop the bloodshed in Gaza; we also call upon the Palestinian National Authority to take immediate [actions] - and call to convene an emergency session of the Security Council and all international institutions and bodies, to act immediately to stop this aggression[...]

With the fall of a large number of victims at the beginning of this war [Isreal] declared open war against the leaders of Tel Aviv Cbena in the Gaza Strip.

We are calling:

Not only to Israel's criminal war of extermination,
No massacres and massacres against our people!

All unite in the face of this barbaric aggression 
Long live the continued struggle of our people,
Until the achievement of national objectives!

Strengthen the steadfastness of the national unity of our people
to face the crimes of the occupiers, the Israelis 

The Palestinian People's Party -

The Israeli occupation continues its crimes against the steadfast Palestinian people at home, by starting a military campaign against [...] the Gaza Strip, breaking [...] all norms and international covenants, and citing the flimsy pretexts designed to hit our steadfastness on their land, the inalienable national rights to freedom and independence and the right of return, the resistance to the occupiers and invaders. Their plans are to strip people of their rights and to obliterate their national identity and to devote separate the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian West Bank. 

This criminal Israeli escalation would not be for the American green light and the absence of the international community to rein in its commitment to the occupiers and to curb the aggressive arrogance of the occupation authorities, as well as the silence of the Arab regimes and social movement, which facilitated - through silence - the criminal actions against the occupiers.

Occupiers are often mistaken if they believe that the fall of more than a hundred martyrs until now would weaken the resistance of our people and resistance to occupation. The history of our people was Christened in the blood of our martyrs and sacrifices, we are fully prepared to do more on the road to freedom and independence.

The time has come for the state of division that afflicts our people to end, the entire Palestinian people targeted by the occupiers as the Israeli war machine does not differentiate between people.

The Palestinian People's Party appeals urgently to all factions and forces, and popular and official institutions of the need to unite and renounce all means of access to the national unity that will confront the Israeli aggression fascist. 

The work to end the division and the restoration of national unity is a must at this difficult time that we face, and to address the Israeli aggression must be at the forefront of the struggle of one of our people and their aspirations. 

Yes for national unity 
No, a thousand times no to all aspects of the division 
Glory and eternity for the martyrs, and freedom of prisoners and detainees 

Unite all the classes to deal with the aggression and to pre-empt Afrazach. 
Continue the struggle and to extract increasing until the legitimate rights.

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